And, coming to the stage!


Fifth District Media is unique. We have a team that is diverse in background, but comes together with the same passion. We have a Creative Director, Content Creators, Photographers, Videographers, and Makeup Artist services. Our team strives to make it so that each client has a unique experience, and that means unique package offers!

Our blogs aren’t to sell our services, though. They’re so that you can get to know us. So let’s talk a little more about what you can expect to see!

We will be doing reviews of camera gear, and what our photographers and videographers prefer to use.

We aren’t going to share all of our secrets, but we will also give you some tips and share our techniques.

We will be sharing our favorite makeup and skincare products, application techniques, as well as wardrobe and fashion trends!


We also want to hear from YOU! What would you like to read? What are some things you want to learn? Let us know! Like we said, we want to offer you a unique experience.

Until next time,

Fifth District Media Team